How does the Alcyon PDK facilitate my work as photonic engineer?

Alcyon Photonics CTO Antonio Dias

Alcyon Photonics CTO Antonio Dias

Start-ups seeking to bring new technologies to market must have the ability to be agile and adapt to the environment to develop the product that best suits the customer and the market needs. Alcyon developed a set of tools for its daily work, related to managing and  sharing  large number of designs and performance data, in a fast, easy and reliable and seamless operation with circuit simulation tools.

Now, Alcyon makes a version of its tools available to photonic circuit designers and this is what it can make for you…

Facilitate your daily work through pre-designed modules

The Alcyon’s PDK is a python-based package that works with ©Klayout and includes modules designed to facilitate the daily work of a PIC designer. Creating and inserting shapes or managing libraries in Klayout is an arduous job for an experienced programmer. However, the modules provided in our package facilitate this work at the component and circuit level in such a way that a novel designer only needs to learn a few easy programming rules, which are fully documented within the PDK

Combine your designs with Alcyon’s wide bandwidth and polarization management building blocks

The PDK is designed to enable you to build circuits by combining Alcyon’s building blocks with its own ones. For this purpose, the PDK incorporates libraries with Alcyon designs powered by SWG structures and tools for the user to create their own components and organize them in libraries in a very user-friendly way. Notice that for IP protection purposes,  Alcyon’s designs are protected by black boxes that will be replaced during the fabrication process.

Drag-and-drop or scripting layout modules.

You can add blocks to your designs by drag and dropping, but also by using Alcyon’s Layout-Creator Module which facilitate the creation of photonic circuits by scripting. With this module, building blocks from any library can be imported and easily connected in an automated way.

And, coming soon,….

Seamless PIC simulation (with Commercial Tools)

The behavioral models of the Alcyon’s blocks are fully compatible with well-known commercial PIC simulation tools, so that you can seamlessly simulate your PIC design

Direct go-to fabrication

The Alcyon’s PDK macros for Klayout© will enable you the direct generation and verification of the mask layout for fabrication at Applied Nanotools