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Alcyon Photonics, a photonics design company in silicon photonic (SiPh) solutions announces the availability of a Process Design Kit (PDK) developed in collaboration with leading integrated photonics foundry specializing in rapid turnaround prototyping and low-to-mid volume production Applied Nanotools. By combining Alcyon’s unique SWG know-how with Applied Nanotool’s proprietary foundry services, the PDK enables customers to develop their photonic designs in an easier and more efficient way.

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This SiPh PDK will be offered through an open access package which includes Alcyon’s ultra wide-bandwidth and polarization management comprehensive design portfolio as well as a programming environment where customers can combine, store, manage and share their designs and interoperate with powerful commercial software. By relying on Alcyon’s PDK, customers will accelerate their time-to-market It as they can leverage pre-developed blocks, validated and optimized for fabrication at Applied Nanotools, to design and verify their photonics products more quickly and efficiently before fabricating physical prototypes.

Alcyon’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Antonio Dias, in announcing this collaboration said, “We are excited to partner with an industry’s leading SiPh MPW foundry provider, ANT, to provide a reliable portfolio of ultra-wide bandwidth and reliable designs in an easy-to-use design software environment to accelerate the development of communications and sensoring application by customers”

Adds Dr. Mirwais Aktary, Chief Executive Officer of Applied Nanotools, “The partnership with Alcyon Photonics will add value for our customers and will streamline the design process with high performance components. The Alcyon Photonics PDK is a valuable toolbox that takes advantage of the small feature sizes available with our NanoSOI Fabrication service, a rapid turnaround electron beam lithography waveguide patterning process.”

About Alcyon Photonics SL

Alcyon Photonics develops ultra-wide bandwidth and polarization management photonic blocks and optical engines for communication and sensoring applications. Alcyon’s core know-how SWG (Subwavelength Grating) provides its design with unprecedent bandwidth, polarization management capabilities and high fabrication yield. Alcyon is committed to accelerate photonics adoption not only by providing high performance optical engines for industry applications: coherent receivers, microespectrometers, integrated FBG interrogators…. But it also supports customers on adapting its designs to custom platform or  scalability.

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About Applied Nanotools

The Applied Nanotools NanoSOI Fabrication Service is a foundry service for the fabrication of photonic integrated circuits. Superior line-edge roughness, high throughput, and negligible stitching errors are guaranteed with the use of a state-of-the-art 100 keV electron-beam lithography system. Our anisotropic plasma etch process provides smooth sidewalls and low propagation loss. Optional standard process steps include oxide cladding deposition, metallization and deep trench etching to create passive and thermo-optic photonic devices with grating couplers or edge couplers. We also offer custom options including partial etch depths, oxide windows, and thermal isolation trenches.

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