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Alcyon Photonics Building Block

At Alcyon Photonics, we aim at accelerating the transition from electronics to photonics, by making available high-performance photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for end customers to build integrated photonic solutions.

As a spin off from IO (Instituto de Óptica) – Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Alcyon leverages on the intensive background in theoretical and experimental studies of optical waveguides for applications including communications, sensing, metrology and instrumentation from CSIC’s Instituto de Optica. Specifically, Alcyon brings to market the innovation and know-how developedby the founder partner and researcher Dr. Aitor Villafranca

Alcyon sits on a high growth potential and strategic technology sector: integrated Photonics. As electronics struggle to meet the speed, bandwidth, and miniaturization challenge, analysts’ consensus is that photonics is successor to electronics, enabling the development of efficient and high-capacity miniaturized devices for datacom, telecom and sensing. As a result of the potential photonics has to enhance innovation across several industries, it is included in Europe’s Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) of 21st century.

Alcyon’s relies on its expertise on sub-wavelength grating (SWG) technology and a powerful portfolio of industrial property (IP), offering a comprehensive library of high-performance BBs, with superior performance compared to those commercially available and with a more comprehensive set of functionalities. Additionally, Alcyon Photonics makes also available more complex structures, such as high-performance Application Specific Photonic Integrated Circuits (APICs), based on its BBs portfolio.

Finally, Alcyon business project kicked off with the investment from BeAble Capital and its innovation potential has been awarded with a Neotec-CDTI finance grant.

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